Just Smack that Burger at “Smack Burger”

First, I would like to say Congratulation for Soft Opening First New Outlet “Smack Burger”, in Surabaya, Indonesia. This Blog dedicated to my best friend, Mr Ridwan Kumala as a Chef or as Consultant F and B in Surabaya and Jakarta, and also Mrs Lisa Terry as an owner. Smack Burger Indonesia comes with Australian Beef Gourmet combine with Indonesian Bread which is called by “Roti Sobek”, so It is Homemade bread, and Homemade Beef also imported from Australia.


This is Smack Burger with Simply Grill, so the meat grilled combine with onion ring. This Burger used Australian Beef Gourmet 100%, so it must be thick and delicious. The price for this burger around IDR 35.000,- but you can also buy in combo with the Fries and Drink so around IDR 45.000,-

Next, The Cheese Leaders and Mighty Bacon and Cheese, both of them are my favorites menu, so juicy and delicious, for the bacon look so crispy, and I also get my feel sensation of crunchy in my mouth when I bite the bacon. For price, The Cheese Leaders is around IDR 38.000,- and for The Mighty Bacon and Cheese is around IDR 45.000,- ( DON’T WORRY, IT’S HALAL).

Beside, they also the best menu is “Smack Me Up”, and “Double Team”, all of this burger so tempting me to try, Double Team, I like it so much, because I can feel the Beef inside of the burger, so juicy and so yummy, I can feel the double meet inside my mouth is not enough but I can feel it. For “Smack Me Up”, I understand inside of this burger is a sunny egg and you can push the burger, that egg yolk will out from that burger, and you can feel juicy in your mouth. For the price little bit higher, but it still can tolerate, for “Smack Me Up” Burger is around IDR 52.000,- and for “Double Team” is around IDR 55.0000.

Then, Smack Burger is not only about Beef Burger also but they also have processed in fish and chicken. First, “Fish Me Up”, its combine the bread with processed fish and also has some vegetable. The Price for this burger is only IDR 32.000,- and you can make a combo with fries and drink, so its around IDR 45.000,- . Next Burger is “Chick Bang”, is combine the bread with shredded chicken which has been seasoned, and the price for this burger only IDR 35.000,- and it is also can combine become a combo with fries and drink also with the same price.


Both of them are variation of Smack Burger, Hot dog . First of all, “Just Hot Dog” is combined with the bread of “Long Roti Sobek” also with the sausage, and bacon, can add flavor of eating “Just Hot Dog” a delicious sensation can be obtained on first bite. The price is around IDR 38.000,- . Second hot dog is “The Hang Over” same with Just Hot Dog but they add sunny egg, and spicy things, so you can feel “jalapeno”that make spicy and also combined with cheddar cheese sauce. This Hot Dog is ready invite you the feel the hang over spicy and salted . The price for this Hot Dog is around IDR 42.000,- .


Need the dessert for meat lover, Smack Burger has also the answer. The give us “Mack Sweet”, wont you try to this and feel the sensation of this dessert. Mack Sweet is combine with “Long Roti Sobek” with topping vanila ice cream, and crunch Oreo outside. then, for this dessert is only IDR 25.000,-.


Smack Burger

Jl Klampis Jaya 25R. Surabaya.

@smackburgerid .

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