“For The Love” by Folie Kitchen and Patisserie

Today, I will share my experience in tasting pastry from Folie Kitchen and Patisserie. Before I had to go to Bali, my foodie fellas told me that I have to tried some pastry in Folie Kitchen, so I decided when I went to Bali, my second destination is Folie Kitchen and Patisserie. Folie Kitchen and Patisserie is located on Jl Subak Sari no 30A.Badung,Bali. The concept of itself is unique, when I came in from the front door, I’d look like exciting with the interior of Folie Kitchen and Patisserie. I can feel something love inside of the interior. The color of interior mostly in pink blossom and blue, something fresh in this place.

Folie Kitchen and Patisserie is open from Tuesday until Sunday at 8’o clock in the morning until 10 P.M, but Monday, they are closed. They also served for “Breakfast,Lunch, and Dinner”also, thats why, they have “kitchen”. But, I want to try something special from “Folie” then they give some pastry that recommended by their staffs. Folie Kitchen and Patisserie are is part of love and art of cooking by Chef Stephane Simond.


First, Strawberry Tart Folie, fresh inside because the strawberry made fresh inside the mouth. When I bite it, I can feel the taste the original strawberry, litle bit sour but fresh. Next, is Guava Tart, nice decoration to all of the pastry from Folie, and give some new color, unique, and the tasting of this original guava itself can be tasted. Not too sweet but its delicious and perfect for watering my mouth.


Last, is the new arrival of Folie, Baba Exotic with based of pineapple. When I came to Folie, This product is “new”, and “fresh”, usualy thei Baba Exotic based on raspberry, but now based on pinepaple, litle bit sour but this kind of cake that have an unique looked, cute dessert. When you see this cake there is two option, will you take this picture of this cake or, directly, you eat it…


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