Living in Paradise by Cabina Bali

DSC03577Telling about Living Paradise, “Just for fun,Enjoy,Happy all include become “The Paradise”, and you will find in “Cabina Bali”. Cabina Bali is new place that you can hang out with your friends, and more than it you can feel the paradise in here. – A new tropical theme cafe with turquoise pool at the center as their signature. There are many spot in Cabina that you can take your pictures or your moment with your friends. In Cabina, you can have breakfast, lunch, and aslo dinner. It is open from 8’o clock in the morning until night. This place feels like home, like paridise also. Cabina also has a pool, so you can chat with your friend near pool, or you can swim also to feel the paradise looked like. Cabina Bali is located on Jl Batu Belig, Kerobokan. Bali.


For Coffee, dont doubt it… Its more than just coffee, Cabina combine with Sensory Lab Specialty Coffee to make good a cup of coffee, so, you can breakfast with their coffee also. Enjoy it… So, this place still new, but you can feel the vibes, based on my experience when I came to this place also, I can feel the vibes, so many people hang out together with their friends, and take some pictures, and also family also can be in this place, its quite good. For breakfast and lunch is quite good with this place.


Next, Smoothies Babe Bowl with Extra Dragon Fruit, This is one of the best recommended for bowl menu. It is based with Dragon fruit, not too sour, it is sweet enough. Then, I also tried the best menu for lunch “Roast Rump Beef”, so you can choose the option of bread,You can choose Dark Rye,Sourdough,or Gluten Free and also the egg. When I bite it, it looked crispy and melted with the egg yolk, become one of nice combination for my lunch also. For me the best part of this place, is can feel like a paradise.   I really wish I could come back here again anytime soon and enjoy the pool.


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