The Seafood Tower “Loop Plaza”

Congratzz for Grand Opening of “The Seafood Tower” at Loop Plaza Graha Family Surabaya, This is the second branch of The Seafood Tower from the PIK (Pantai Indah Kapuk) in Jakarta. The Seafood Tower has opened around 2 weeks  ago when I post this blog that is specialized in 9 tiered Seafood Tower.

The New Seafood Restaurant has a very unique and a special way of serving their seafood dishes using tiered steamer. The restaurant serves various seafood dishes influenced with Korean flavors since the restaurant inspired in Seoul. The Seafood Tower offer many packages 3,5,8, and 9 tiers and it start from IDR 269k untik 1,699k with selected dishes for each package. And they have some ala carte seafood dishes according to their preference.

Lava Cheese Ramen and Korean Cheese Chicken Wings

So, today I got 8 tiers, and its around IDR 899k, then the recommended way to enjoy its by eating the seafood one by one from the top of the bottom. First, Live Clams,Half Shelled Scallops and Black Mussels (Mixed Clams), they were fresh and already seasoned by simply ingredients, if you like spicy you can dip it into sauce condiments, sweet spicy sauce with garlic,chili,and spring onion. Next, Mixed Beef and Prawn, for the beef, this thin slices of beef are so good with light seasoning steamed,and the texture so soft and prefect. then for the prawn, it was very fresh and sweet.

Then, Tteokbokki with Cheese Fondue, this one more tempting, and so addictive to ry more and more, because the combination seafood tteokbokki with mild spicy seasoning served with melting cheese so perfect!!

Then for the last part is “Korean Steamed Fish” , it was fresh and not too spicy also, it was mild spicy, then the fish also soft then for the bottom part , they have the original soup with some vegetables, then personally for me the soup was too rich and salty our liking. The soup was packed of juices from various seafood from the layers above it.


Thanks for reading our review, I hope you like it, and please share with your friends also……

The Seafood Tower “Loop Plaza Graha Family”

Address Ruko Graha Family Blok B-2. Surabaya


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