Happy Chappy: Chinese Food with Western Style

I believe its hard to find Chinese Food Restaurant in Bali where its tastes good and cozy place. Finally, It is located around Seminyak’s Area, they have “Happy Chappy” Chinese Food Restaurant and Bar. Happy Chappy is Chinese Food Family Restaurant with modern style or little bit hip or western side.

So, My first menu is Sweet Corn and Crab Soup. The taste is good with Small Portion is enough for 2-3 persons only, but they also have Large Portion, I think its enough for 4-5 persons only.


Next, “Roasted Hongkong Pork Belly with 130grams”, I liked this one, the roasted pork was tasty,and savory especially if already given the chili sauce, spicy more tasty and delicious. I think for the portion with 130grams is enough for 2-3 person. But if you like so much with this menu, you have to take with 300grams. Next, for DIMSUM, I tried “Shu Mai” with Prawn and Chicken.

Last of all, My Favorite Menu, “Chow Mien Noodles” with Chicken. This time for fried noodle when I eat it, it looks like Fried Noodle with Hakka Style Chinese Food, it match with my tongue, very delicious.



Thanks for reading my blog and enjoy it…….

Happy Chappy

Jl Beraban no 62. Taman Seminyak.


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