Rayjin Teppanyaki Dining Bar: When Japanese Food meet Western Style

This restaurant has been established starting in 2013 and this restaurant has a concept of Japanese food combined with western style. To be sure this restaurant is quite crowded so if you guys want to come here, my advice must be booked first. Because this place is not too big. But its OK for me, the one that I like about this place, is about their service is friendly, full of warmth,understanding all and respect to their guest.

let’s talk about the food, everything I like the food here from the appetizers to the main course, I love it so much…. First, the appetizers or Japanese Tapaz Otumami, They have “Pork Belly Samgyopsal Vegetable Wrap”, its Grilled pork belly with the kimchi sauce, and the pork belly it selves wrap by baby romaine and garlic. Its very savory and juicy because when you bite pork belly with kimchi sauce, little bit spicy and savory.


The ambiance in Rayjin, I can feel the different ambiance in this restaurant, especially with the “live cooking teppanyaki” in front of us. Next, for Salad, my advice to try this menu “Japanese Mushroom Salad”, all mushroom like Enoki,Shimeji,and Shitake Grilled become one of combination with salad and vegetable dressing.


For Main Course, we all know like “Terikyaki” and “Yakiniku” is one of the most popular food in Japan, Chicken Teriyaki and Beef Yakiniku are two main course fusion that can arouse your appetite. For Chicken Teriyaki, with Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Sauce combine with basil pesto dressing. Then, for Beef Yakiniku, its Teppan Beef with onion and sweet yakiniku.


Last of all, my favorite Noodle in Rayjin is “Yaki Udon”, For Yaki Udon, you can choose what meet do you want, they served for Pork or Prawn.



Thanks for reading my blog, I hope you enjoy it…..

Rayjin Teppanyaki Dining Bar

Jl. Petitenget No.98x
Bali — 80361

(62) 81 339 181295

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