Makase Restaurant at Hotel Indigo Seminyak Bali

Yeahhh, bloging again on Christmas Day why not?? Because I’d like to share what I’ve got…. Today, this is last day in Bali,because tomorrow I will going to Surabaya City again, so,now I’m staying at Hotel Indigo Seminyak Bali, near Double Six Beach, and this hotel such as heaven peace, because the ambiance in this hotel very unique.  The Hotel is located around local people in Seminyak Area, and Interior of this hotel is unique also.

So, today lunch at Makase Restaurant at Hotel Indigo Seminyak Bali, Makase itself mean “Thanks/Terima Kasih”, Do you why? the name is “makase” is taken from local people or their neighborhood around this hotel, they always friendly,and homey with local or international tourist, thats why the name of this restaurant “Makase”. Today because Its Christmas Day, so the decoration looks like Christmas Season, and Makase Restaurant have cooking live, so they can see the chef cooked in front of visitors.

First, Its “Welcome Bread”, so when you already order in here, you will get “Welcome Bread, from Makase Restaurant. Usually, Welcome Bread will given by butter, but in Makase is different, they will give us like a jam with local test such as Rosella and Lime Peach.


Next, the famous one is about Balinese Food, is about Pork Ribs, so, I decided to have lunch with “Black Pepper Glazed Pork Ribs”, I think this portion for one person is too big, better for 2 until 3 person. The Pork Ribs are so tender, so I can spend all the side of the ribs and left only the bones. Then the combination marinade seeped into one blend between Black Pepper and Pork Ribs so delicious in my mouth. Then, we tried “Charred and Spiced Beef Satay Peanut Brittle and Coconut” , when I take the first bite this satay, It reminds me when I eat local satay in Surabaya which is called by “Sate Klopo”, but this is different in the sauce, the peanut sauce is very soft not too strength, for the satay is delicious one, and the beef also tender.


Thanks for enjoying my blog today……

Happy Holiday all………

Makase Restaurant

at Hotel Indigo Seminyak Bali at G Floor


Jl Camplung Tanduk no 10. Seminyak Badung, Bali.


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