Awa Mee Bar at Johor Bahru

Actually in Johor Bahru even in Malaysia, It was not difficult to find the same taste with our tongue as an Indonesian, because it looks like same taste with local food itself. Now we try not new restaurant, but in new Mall in Johor Bahru, Paradigm Mall. The new one of mall iconic in Johor Bahru, It was newly opened at 2017 December. For our Dinner, “Awa Mee Bar” restaurant is very suitable for us.

This concept food little bit unique, so first step you have to choose, whether you want “Soup Noodle” or “Dry Noodle” and I choose “Dry Noodle“, next whether is “Original” or “Spicy”, then I choose “Spicy” one, next, there are 5 soups that you can choose, “Awa Signature Spicy Soup”, “WAKO Superior Tonkatsu Soup”,”WASO Double Boiled Seafood Soup”,”Stewed Fish Pickled Cabbage Soup”, and “Majestic Mushroom Soup”, then I choose “WAKO Superior Tonkatsu Soup”. Last, you can choose “Rice Noodle” or “Noodle”, then I choose Noodle.

So, for WAKO Superior Tonkatsu Soup, inside of that is Sliced Pork Belly, Minced Pork, and Pork Ball…..for the soup is very tasty and tastes its pork broth, and when it mixed with spicy noodle, it feels more like a spicy mixture and tasty broth more delicious one.

Next, for snack one, I choose “Golden Enoki” as a best seller snack in that restaurant, cripsy of all….For our refresh drink, I choose “Green Grape and Aloe Vera” this drink is very refreshing especially when eating this food.

For “ALA CARTE”, this menu will be suitable for you, not only “Best Favorite” menu but worth to try , “Caramelized Hotpig Claypot”, those pork belly are so tender and delicious one, but this sauce dont make you nausea at all, Sauce Caramelized is not sweet enough.


Thats all for my review… Thanks a lot to read my review….

Mall Paradigm, Johor Bahru

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