Taste of Georgetown: Authentic of Penang Food in Johor Bahru

What is the famous food in Penang, Malaysia??? Many kind of famous foods in Penang and they are spread across several city is Malaysia included Johor Bahru City, not really big city, but many kind of famous foods from Penang brought to Johor Bahru. Today, we visit one of the famous Restaurant at KSL City Mall, “Taste of Georgetown” Restaurant. It was easy to find this restaurant, because only one signboard “PENANG FOOD”, and you will find this restaurant at KSL City Mall.

Taste of Georgetown: Is the Authentic one about Penang food, because in this restaurant, they served many famous local food from Penang. So for appetizer, we tried “Loh Bak” usually many penang people served this food when they have special event in their family such as chinese lunar calendar. This Loh Bak, is a pork meat inside, and rolled, so crispy and tender.


Next menu, “Nasi Lemak”, I like this food so much…. when you’re in Malaysia, such as KL,Johor Bahru,or Penang itself, you have to try this local food. I like the “Sambal”, is different like in my country, but I like this Sambal, sweet but after being tasted more spicy…this Nasi Lemak taste like “Nasi Uduk in Indonesia” but different is in coconut milk is less noticeable.ย  Then, they have “Hokkien Char”, is kind fried noodle but the different is never feel tasted more sweet or savory, but more tasteless. I think it because Penang Food has different taste with Indonesian People, although it looks like fried noodle Indonesia.


Sorry, not all of Penang Food is “HALAL version”, they also “NON HALAL version”, so you have to try this menu, “Hokkien Mee with Roasted Pork” . More spicy in the soup and thin noodle,its thin noodle so eaten can be more flavored, for the pork is tasty and tender, also seeps with the soup broth.



Thats all about my review…. and Thank you for people who read my review, and please also enjoy our gallery!!! .


Taste of Georgetown :Authentic Penang Food

at KSL City Mall L2. Johor Bahru

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